MOBILITY IS LIFE. And the basis of high quality of life in old age.

Here in my private orthopaedic practice and practice for orthopaedic surgery in Vienna, Austria, I can take the time that is required to find the treatment best suited to you. In-depth examination of your individual symptoms, thorough investigation and a sound treatment plan form the basis of my clinical care.

dr-brenner-home-newThese days, many people struggle every day with limited mobility and chronic pain in their bones, joints and muscles. The causes are as diverse as my patients themselves. Maintaining mobility for as long as possible and alleviating pain are my greatest concerns for my patients and my mission as an orthopaedic doctor.About Dr. Brenner


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Dr. Matthias Brenner

Orthopaedic specialist & orthopaedic surgeon

Opernring 4/1/3
1010 Vienna
+43 699 15121221